Furries – What do you know about them?

Anthropomorphism isn’t a new phenomenon, i.e., the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities, like a god, animal or an object, it’s much older and dates back to ancient times.

What is it for people that is a furry? What inspires their art?

In this book, I will take you to different sides of the furry fandom and explain the culture and history in an easy and interesting way. Answer questions that people from the outside might ask, like; “What is a fursona?” and “What do you get of being a furry?”

You will read stories from big names within the community, but also from other ordinary furries, how are their day-to-day lives, what are they working with, how did they find the fandom?

How is it to be deaf, voiceless or have other disabilities and at the same time be in the community? How is it to be on a furmeet, a furry convention, and do you have to own a fursuit to be a furry?

You will get the history of the Furry world.

The book will be a useful resource for both people that are a furry, but also for the general public and producers of documentaries that wants to get an insight into anthropomorphism.


In February 2019 I will have an interview with a psychologist from the U.S. to talk more ingoing about what can be the cause that a person becomes a furry, like bullying, harassment, and depression.

Many people that get into the fandom are alone and feels like outsiders, but then they find many new friends, which have helped save countless lives.

The fandom can be the difference between hope and despair for a lot of people and the only source of happiness.

That’s why I care so much about this project.

Fursuit Makers

You will get inside stories from fursuit makers. How their work days are and what you should request and not request of them.

Tips and advice

You will get tips and advice on how you or your child should behave around a fursuiter if you meet and interact with one, in the park, city or at a convention.

If you have a child that is a furry, or you might believe are one, there will be information on how to talk about it, what you should and shouldn’t bring up.

Statistic and facts

There will be statistical facts about furries and the fandom itself.

There are two more significant ongoing research projects, TIARP and Furscience, where I have got some of the references from and will provide some insights into the furry culture.

I will also discuss some issues they hadn’t taken up or had much information about during the time of this writing, as suicidal thoughts before and after the person got into the community.


On most conventions, like Midwest Furfest (2018-10-12), there is a tradition to collect donations to give to charities, and most of the profit of this book will also go to charities around the world which you can help decide which one on different occasions by polls on the website.

The charities the money goes to will include abused and helpless animals, children in need, homeless people, education and natural disasters.


Dec 2018 to Apr 2019 – Interviews on location and via webcam.
Apr 2019 to Sep 2019 – Editing.
Sep 2019 to Nov 2019 – Proofreading and rewritings.
Nov 2019 – Start shipping the rewards.
Dec 2019 to Jan 2020 – Sending the e-books.
Jan 2020 to Feb 2020 – Shipping the physical books.

Other information

There will be around 300 pages.

The hardcover book will be in size 9.44×6.29×0.78in. (240x160x20mm)

If you are a backer, you will always get a discount on both hard-cover book and the e-book.

I will do weekly updates on the Kickstarter project page, but also on my Instagram account and, on this website. On Instagram I will, when I have time, be able to get live with the backers.